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Give DSNY MONEY! that's what I want!

So one thing about my part of Brooklyn is just how frackin' many people live on top of each other. It's not quite aleays as obvious as it is in other parts of the city.. the relatively low buildings are one factor... but we got busloads of folks.

And sadly, they're not always tidy.

So while we are looking at all the things we can't not afford to go into civic default over, can I state just how grateful I am for for New York's Strongest? For the guys who do the basic maintenance of our civilization? The guys who cart away enough so our supers can (possibly,occasionally,under court order) flame throw the side walks?

Keep getting those protective tattoos, DSNY!
Keep reclaiming stuffed animals and turning them into truck totems, DSNY!

Just watch out for the stay cats on your rounds. Thanks.

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