j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

3 Down, 2 To Go

So I've effectively finished 3 of my 5 classes to get my Marketing Certificate.

The two seminars, done and doner. I have to squeeze out my part in the Marketing Plan Class at an early enough time tomorrow to not be a complete academidouche, and then manage a research plan in time for 12noon monday.

Oh, and for the research project, one girl proposing a study on bringing Japanese Hip Hop to the states.

Today... well, the class was sweet. I presented a project I worked way too much in too short a time at too late a date and fairly well knocked it out of the ball park. One class mate looked contemptuously on as I discussed an indie unsigned music service.

Yeah, my evil rocked!!!

Not saying if I ever go back to school.... I want to... I will ever treat it the same way I've always treated school.

Absorption + Procrastination + Caffineation = GENIUS TO VARYING DEGREES!!

But, it's been nice to say that I earning my yellow belt in Marketing, and that I can apply it.

Nice to know I'm officially knowing what I am talking about when I unleash my lethal no SHADOW S.W.O.T ANALYSIS!

The good news is a staycation next week. Yeah... tons of work. Like, how much more cleaning do I need to do? Don't ask.

But it will be at home. With a certain woman you may know.

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