j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Yes We Have No Bannana's, or Idea What to Post About

So I figured out what to post about.

No, no, no I didn't.

Wait... yes, no... hold on...no. Lost it.

Dammit, don't look at me like that. I wasn't going to go in that direction, dammit. I don't post THAT kind of filthy writing.

Unless it's fic. And I'm posing as a Tibetan 16 year old girl on Friendster with a shockingly good knowledge of Star Trek and 70's tv, who knows just what Katee Sackhoff's "Starbuck" would do when she met Dirk Benedict and..

No, I'm not writing about that.

Yes... no.

Am I writing about Scott Pilgrim? Please. Anyone who is my friend is seeing the movie. A good chunk of my relatives are seeing that movie. Will anyone besides the geeks get to it, in a summer some bad even a Twilight movie gets some respect?

I truly hope so.
I'm not writing about cats. Things are everywhere. Laughing at us, making us by fish, then throw it out so they can eat it.


Did you know a lot of Dutch guests I met at work don't mind the joke about not wanting to meet the Dutch in a back alley after seeing the World Cup Kombat? Like people are realizing that while really nice people with gay marriage and drugs and rampant prostitution, they can fuck you up so bad even Stieg Larsson wouldn't want to write about it?

All the while smiling, pouring warm liquid cocoa into high fat milk, eating gluten free biscuits and listening to "The Best of Golden Earring?"

Now you do.

See you tomorrow.
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