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Toast of the Town

So, I'm a native New Yorker. Born at Mt. Siani, lived on the Upper East Side as a wee one. That's one reason why I shout for Jersey, the burbs, and places that aren't the best city in the world.

But there are someways I will never be 100% new yawkah. ( I know no one says it like that, like no one says 'joizy') I'm not ashamed. Just not 100%

Way one?

Toaster ovens.

Part of it is that I grew up in house, as opposed to an apartment.

In that house was an industrial oven. Big enough to fit between 4-6 of me and my childhood friends in. So, I'm kind of use to being able to go from 0 degrees to FIRES OF HELL ITSELF in 30 seconds.

Because of this I don't get toaster ovens. I don't get way little old ladies go insane over the smallest details of them. How anything so difficult to heat to a usable temperate can be useful. How any one can get such delicacies out of as I've seen.

Well I learn the song of toaster oven? We'll see. In the meantime, I'll keep the flugelhorn of the fire extinguisher near by just in case.

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