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So that was fun...

So, as I'm wont to do, I repost a HuffPost repost on GOPride having Anne Coulter as their speaker. Regrettably, I failed to use a quip about that being like General Custer speaking at an AIM conference.

Look it up.

My exact quote: "Guys, your party hates you. Wake up."

Anyway, so I start getting twitters from a women from the South, asking me what have liberals done for me lately? I don't know if she meant me as a gay man( which I'm not. I'm just a fabulous man) or as an American.

Now, I've had many amazing conversations with conservatives of all stripes, which haven't ended up in agreement, but have been helpful for better understanding and bridge building. And I hope those people in those conversations say the same about me.

But this wasn't that. This was someone trolling an issue on twitter, and then launching out at people who they disagree with.

So, it went down hill. Basically, after asking if government did anything, I pointed out ways it did, and specifically ways the Obama Administration had made some progress (if nowhere near enough) on LGBT and other issues. Basically, every time I pointed out why I thought something needed to be done on an issue, she countered 'government bad.'

Then her husband, or the man I assume is her husband, joined in, following the same progression: attacking me for declaring who was an acceptable gay, then going libertarian on how government should be out of all marriage.

After explaining someone from another office hands out gay acceptability cards, and pointing out that rights need to be protected, I tried to thank them for their time, told them I'd see them at the Supreme Court.

Oh, I did tell the lady to have a nice Sunday oppressing those different from her. I wasn't 100% respectful and snark free.

Also turns out the the lady's husband(?) is an conservative internet radio figure.

Now, I've been in some amazing flame wars in the past. Like, Michael Bay levels of flame. And, when you are part Romanian, part Irish, you like to fight some. While the call to fight club sang in my heart, I just got better things to do with my time. I got more important things to stress about then what some tea party fanatic who loves Star Trek but hates socialism thinks about my arguments.

And lord knows, if I want to find a ridiculous fight, I can find one on LJ that won't be limited to 140 characters a hit.

I haven't blocked them yet... no real need to.

In the mean time, I'll see what other interesting trolls I attract, or if I find some decent conversation with alien ideologyforms.
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