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And this is what I do on my day off...

So my friends on the right tried to keep the fight up. In came a friend of theirs, a gay proud american, attacking me for attacking a good mother, who wasn't a bigot because she had gay friends.
Even though she was opposed to measures that would help and protect LGTB folk.

Like him.. a gay conservative who is also opposed to measures most people in the LGBT community seem to want.

I actually used the word oppress... not bigot. And I never implied she was a bad mother.

I explained to mr. gay proud american that his friends sought out a fight, we danced, I walked away.

Then the ladies' husband called me a coward for because I couldn't cope with someone not acting according to my preconceived notions of a homosexual.

Uhm, yeah. My only preconception was that if this kept up, the tea partiers would get nasty, which they did, and they would get blocked, which they did.

Again, I wasn't 100% respectful. Guess what? Who was?

Folks, they can think I'm a coward. They can get more friends to cuss me out. If you want to argue with me, and do so in a cool way, I will keep the argument going. But if you want to flame, and can't finish the fight, I'm cool with walking away without a victory.

Life ain't all about winning arguments with strangers on the internet.

It's about livejournaling that you had a moral victory in an argument with strangers on the internet.
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