j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Last Call For Nothin' At All

So this is the last day of my 4 day staycay. My only real goal was to rest up some. When you are on your feet for most of the last 6 years straight, you need to sit down some.

The highlight of last night? Stepping out to Trailer Park for some great food with my gal, strolling 23rd street during dusk, and seeing 'Inception.' I recognize why some people don't dig it. I don't realize why it confused people so much. Nolan is a fair play director. He shows you all his cards, so you can figure it out.

And yeah. Maybe he and his brother need either a great female writer or writer of women to help him flesh out some of his women characters. ( About 1 noticeable 1 per movie in each of his I've seen. I haven't seen his take on Insomnia.) In fact, this is the first movie of his I've seen with two women, both of whom were involved in the plot.

Me, I loved the movie. I loved the dream logic, and how it lingers. Is it one of the greatest films ever? No. Is it a really good

As for dances with douchebags... will it's retreated to where it should be. We're both in our respective echochambers saying bad things about each other. But here's what's interesting.

mr. gay american sent a twitter about 'liberal cowards', listing 5 or 6 people.. including me, for his friends to see.

So, not only are they trolling for fights, but they are listing twitter feeds to encourage other trolls.

Yeah, and you complain about being portrayed as thugs in the media.

Now, I've altered the names of the idiotic, in part because I don't want to give them the attention, and in part, I don't want to be like them. I'm not looking to either a) scare people off the net, or b) feed into my joy of street fighting on the internet.

The bad kind of street fighting. Not the good kind with Chun Li. Ahh... Chun Li.

Sorry, distracted,

Anyway, we'll see what else these idiots do. In the meantime, some house work so my nap in a couple of hours is well earned.
Tags: douchebags, inception, staycation, tea party, teabagger, wtf?

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