j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Old Spice Your Life

Hello, ex- significant others of my significant other.

Look at your self, look at me. Look at your self, now really, really look at me.

I'm the man you could be. With the significant other you failed to hold onto or failed to treat

Look at yourself, look at me. Look up at me, you metaphorically tiny, tiny person.

I'm the man who laughs at your short comings while eating your ex-significant other's amazingly cooked meals.
I'm the man who strokes her hair as we walk down the tree lined boulevard of our shared lives.

I'm the man who gets to react to her day in and day out like the double rainbow wonder she is.

Look at yourself, don't look at me. It will just hurt too much.

And while you may have found a significant other of your own, and I am happy for you in a non-partonizing way that still patronizes you oh so much, you lost this one.

Just look away.

I'm at a Mac.

Tags: old spice
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