j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Rolling over a rock. (This one's kind a gross. And on soapbox)

So did you ever have a scab you just couldn't stop playing with, and shock, find it didn't heal?

Did you ever roll over a rock and really find stuff more creepy than you could imagine?

That's been my experience with the teabag trolls.


Thing is, I've known they are a pretty hate filled group, based on things that have been said and displayed through the media. But, having been given a window into their world, their twitter threads and website, alll because of them them poking their nose into mine.. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!



Anti-Islamic and Catholic jokes while calling themselves Christians or American. Talk of spiritual warfare. Really vile and morbid jokes involving their political enemies. Jokes involving brutalization and perverse sexualization of people and their bodies.

(True, what some people really get into in Harry/Draco slash fic, but that's a different soapbox)

I've experienced really serious hate, not as directly as many, but enough. Personal experiences with bigotry and prejudice, either directed or misdirected towards me or my friends. (Yes, white men who don't look Jewish to the untrained eye can experience racism or sexism.)

Both sides of my family survived and lost people in ethnic cleansing... like the Famines in Ireland, or the Holocaust in Europe.

I lived in London during the tail end of the IRA terror campaigns, heard at least one diversionary bomb go off. My downtown train left the World Trade Center just as the first plane hit. So I know what happens when you spend enough time living in hate.

Not as bad as most people in human history. Hell, not as bad as most people living in Brooklyn, most likely. But I have personal and learned experience to enlighten me a bit.

And I don't think they are all going to turn into a bunch of Glen Beck quoting brownshirts. I'm paranoid, but not quite that bad.

And I'm not going to get drawn into their world of full time ideological combat. I have enough walls to bash my head on thank you.

But I'm going to be a bit more aware, I'm going to be a little more concerned, hopefully will encourage our officials to do a better job.

More, we'll see.

Oh, liberals and live journalers? Can we stop ripping each other new ones because we don't match each others ideological purity? Argue, fight, but really stop hating the other lefties,liberals,moderates,republicans and thoughtful conservatives because they aren't as pure as you.

Because the people who hate us all, even if not matching us in numbers, are concentrated and really wishing more harm on all of us then we should be wishing on each other.
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