j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Dr. Laura, Heal Thyself!

So, Dr. Laura, who to be honest, I've never consumed except in small doses, is leaving AM radio.


Off course, she's claiming her First Amendment rights are being abridged.

Uhm, no.

Look all of us... yes, lefties too, confuse pressures on speech from non-governmental sources with governmental sources, and cite First Amendment issues. And we all forget,even when appropriate, that like other Constitutional rights ( Second Amendment, anyone?), as a nation of evolving laws and needs there are some restrictions on First Amendment rights.

This can get confusing. Especially with the way the FCC sometimes swings wildly from who it targets or regulates depending on the whim of the courts or the administration of the moment. But that's why free tv and radio are more regulated then pay tv and radio.

PBS stil gets away with some crazy shit because, well, who watches PBS in this country? Really.

But in this case, sorry. No 1st Amendment rights have been violated. Dr. Laura, who has always said crazy, hateful stuff over public airwaves, finally dropped the n-bob-omb right on her own position.

And as far as I can tell, the FCC isn't going after her.

Being very pro-First Amendment, I wouldn't want to see the FCC go after the crazy lady. I would honestly like to see them avoid content control ( excluding advertisers... they need a firm, guiding hand) and be more about guaranteeing access (net neutrality. duh.)

This isn't a First Amendment issue. Doc Laura, you said enough crazy stuff to get a chunk of the populace against you. And by adding element "N-What the fuck did you say?" you finally reached critical mass.

You aren't being punished by 1st Amendment issues. You are being punished by the marketplace.

Don't worry. Satellite radio or some cable channel well have a place for you broadcast wise, and the people who like your books will continue to buy them.

Yay, capitalism.
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