j_bkl (j_bkl) wrote,

Casting Game

So I saw an amazing movie last night, and a certain gal asks me if she thinks she'd be one of the female characters.

And i replied no. Another of our friends practically is that character.

And there was a mini-sigh, and we moved on.

And, as I do, pondered this at 5 gazillion miles an hour there and then, and at a slower pace at different points today.

I don't really think about the casting game, casting actors as people I know, because, well, as an actor (even though I'm really a civilian, I use my theater training on a daily basis. Guest Service is acting, baby,) I'd want to play me. Hell, I'd lose the weight, put on the bad wig, or do the whole computer assisted animation shit to play me at whatever age.

Nobody makes money off me being me but me.

But, this certain gal... I just don't see another person playing her. I don't see her in fiction.

Really, I don't. I mean, yeah, I can think of an actress or two to play some shade. I can think of some characters who could sort of represent her, in a stretch.

But really, this woman is very unique, very much her own messed up glory, that to try and invite comparison is to invite pointless effort.

Why also invite certain doom if I pick an actress/character she hates? SHE WAS A FRICKING ENGLISH MAJOR,EDITOR, AND IS MY LITERARY EQUAL IF NOT SUPERIOR.

So, no comparisons or casting.

My girl is mine, don't need to think of who else she could be but her.

Oh, and for that matter... 500 Days of Summer, while great, really needs a sequel shot from the "real life" Summer Finn's point of view. Same cast, whatever needed to make it as good but just from her persepctive.

And no, I don't think anyone in that movie would play my certain gal.

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