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The Work Week Is In My Sights

So I actually have a standard work week, this week. 9-6,Monday-Friday. My boss is taking his vacation, and so it makes sense for me to be in and try to control the chaos.

It's kind of weird, to be honest. A day off in the middle of the week does give you a chance to breathe, to shut away the world. And knowing my schedule won't change at a moments notice? Very strange.

There are bonuses to THIS week being my week without boss. The craziest woman in the world to hold a job and be on my team is not there. The uber-uber-boss ( I have three uber bosses. More uber=uber boss) is gone, and while I well have to drive my people insane to please uber-uber-uber boss, one less uber boss is good.

Other good things about this week, or I was reminded of during this week:

I have a good book to finish before getting back to a mediocre book.

I'm not terribly far away from hitting the G's in the Grand Tour of my CD Collection.

I hit a great birthday party today not too faraway from where my Dad grew up, here in Brooklyn. I'm told it's not someplace I want to visit now, but I love being somewhere my family has history in. At times, I felt like I was iceskating on top of America. It was my home, and I loved it, but I didn't feel connected.

Then I spent two weeks in Ireland, and while I don't plan on living there, I felt some serious connections there.

Now, having come Brooklyn, by chance living blocks away from where a grand uncle lived, I'm starting to see bits of it through my Dad's eyes, and I feel a connection to this borough through family history and building my own family here.

So, ramble done. This week will be long, tiring, challenging,but very fine.

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