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Only if Dean makes tentacle jokes.

Seriously, it's a cool idea. Just make Sammy look less like Spike Spiegel, and we're gold.

I'll get side notes up eventually, but if you get the chance, try take the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island, and spend some time at the Richmond County Bank Ball park. You get some amazing views of New York Harbor, and some angles on Jersey City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn that will take your breath away.

Yes, I said something nice about Staten Island. let it go.

Carry On, Wayward Sons. Carry on.

Staycation Day...what day is it?

So, here's the thing.

If you live alone, and set up staycation, you make all sorts of plans to do EVERYTHING, and end up getting not enough of anything done... be it in the stay in apartment/house/hidden bunker on federal forest land or in the get out and live it all outside of the apartment/house/hidden bunker on federal forest land.

If you live with someone who is relentlessly into spending time with you and seeing things, you end up not doing enough of the stay at the apartment/house/hidden bunker on federal forest land thing, but you see a lot more of the sun.

Guess which has more bonuses, if not technically better?

Wednesday, was a crashday. I fully believe that 90% of the time, I can't feel really tired until I rest, at which point my body says "ok. here's how close to collapse you are... time to be one with the couch." And while there were some cleaning and side job related things I could have done, James as media-absorbing-pancake time was needed.

Yesterday, was breakfast at Tom's (go when there isn't a line. Take a day off. Have the cherry lime rickey. It's like a Shirley Temple with BALLS, man. Wait... no, oh, it's on the screen. Too late for me to change it.) There are a lot of places in Brooklyn that have the same decor they had between 1945-1975 with minor changes, and they are predominantly good. (Like George's on Coney Island Avenue. Just for the love of god, give them a grant for better plumbing and ventilation) My personal favorite thing besides the food, and the stained glass doohickey in the middle, was it's wall of personalities.

The collection of autographs, save for a dude from the Wire and Sue Simmons was wonderfully obscure.

Next up, the Bronx Zoo. Which is not as hard to get to by train as many lead us to believe.

Ok... the bad things about Zoo's first. Not the question of whether there should be any. They ain't perfect, bad Zoo's should be taken over by good Zoo's, but of all the good/bad things in our relationship with our ecosphere, Zoo's are among the best good/bad things. Animals who would have died out exist, and have a chance to be reintrouced to the wild.

Of the 20 odd children and adults in each day camp group, or 85% of children and adults in each familial group, who act up and get how privileged they are to see the smallest animal there.. that includes the local ducks running around like squatters in Williamsburg when Giulliani was mayor... there are so many who get some illumination. Some moment of wonder at the Elephants, or some moment of understanding why that really funny looking vulture is worth saving.

Or you get a moment of eye contact with a gorilla, and understand you are looking at a being who is thinking and assessing the moment as much as you are. Quite possibly laughing at your need for pants, but still...

There is so much good that comes out of good Zoos, and so much great that comes out of amazing Zoos, that places like the Bronx Zoo, or the Brooklyn Zoo, or even Van Saun Park in Jersey, are wonderful, and oh so necessary for regular pilgrimage.

Wildlife Conversation Society folks. It's not just a branding change... it's a mission statement.

Otherwise, last night was mixed cleaning, resting up after a long day, and my first taste of God of War on the PS3. Oh, my ethically challenged and inappropriately related and dating Hellenic Gods, this game. I'll do some gaming round ups later, but GoWar is just such a visceral and satisfying play that rewards you for actively experimenting with your holy chains of destruction.

And yeah, you could see the chains weapon as metaphor. Please don't bring holy chains of destruction to a zoo, by the way. Just in case you thought that *I* thought the two great flavors should be brought together.

Back to work. Go to a Zoo. You need it.
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Toast of the Town

So, I'm a native New Yorker. Born at Mt. Siani, lived on the Upper East Side as a wee one. That's one reason why I shout for Jersey, the burbs, and places that aren't the best city in the world.

But there are someways I will never be 100% new yawkah. ( I know no one says it like that, like no one says 'joizy') I'm not ashamed. Just not 100%

Way one?

Toaster ovens.

Part of it is that I grew up in house, as opposed to an apartment.

In that house was an industrial oven. Big enough to fit between 4-6 of me and my childhood friends in. So, I'm kind of use to being able to go from 0 degrees to FIRES OF HELL ITSELF in 30 seconds.

Because of this I don't get toaster ovens. I don't get way little old ladies go insane over the smallest details of them. How anything so difficult to heat to a usable temperate can be useful. How any one can get such delicacies out of as I've seen.

Well I learn the song of toaster oven? We'll see. In the meantime, I'll keep the flugelhorn of the fire extinguisher near by just in case.

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This Time with Coherence

So I'm slightly more coherent, having figured out two of the short pieces I have to write for tomorrow, the third will be done, well, lunch, I guess?

But having already seen Season 4, Episode 1 of ... well... this, I recommend you jump on the geeky bandwagon.

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Yes We Have No Bannana's, or Idea What to Post About

So I figured out what to post about.

No, no, no I didn't.

Wait... yes, no... hold Lost it.

Dammit, don't look at me like that. I wasn't going to go in that direction, dammit. I don't post THAT kind of filthy writing.

Unless it's fic. And I'm posing as a Tibetan 16 year old girl on Friendster with a shockingly good knowledge of Star Trek and 70's tv, who knows just what Katee Sackhoff's "Starbuck" would do when she met Dirk Benedict and..

No, I'm not writing about that.

Yes... no.

Am I writing about Scott Pilgrim? Please. Anyone who is my friend is seeing the movie. A good chunk of my relatives are seeing that movie. Will anyone besides the geeks get to it, in a summer some bad even a Twilight movie gets some respect?

I truly hope so.
I'm not writing about cats. Things are everywhere. Laughing at us, making us by fish, then throw it out so they can eat it.


Did you know a lot of Dutch guests I met at work don't mind the joke about not wanting to meet the Dutch in a back alley after seeing the World Cup Kombat? Like people are realizing that while really nice people with gay marriage and drugs and rampant prostitution, they can fuck you up so bad even Stieg Larsson wouldn't want to write about it?

All the while smiling, pouring warm liquid cocoa into high fat milk, eating gluten free biscuits and listening to "The Best of Golden Earring?"

Now you do.

See you tomorrow.
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3 Down, 2 To Go

So I've effectively finished 3 of my 5 classes to get my Marketing Certificate.

The two seminars, done and doner. I have to squeeze out my part in the Marketing Plan Class at an early enough time tomorrow to not be a complete academidouche, and then manage a research plan in time for 12noon monday.

Oh, and for the research project, one girl proposing a study on bringing Japanese Hip Hop to the states.

Today... well, the class was sweet. I presented a project I worked way too much in too short a time at too late a date and fairly well knocked it out of the ball park. One class mate looked contemptuously on as I discussed an indie unsigned music service.

Yeah, my evil rocked!!!

Not saying if I ever go back to school.... I want to... I will ever treat it the same way I've always treated school.

Absorption + Procrastination + Caffineation = GENIUS TO VARYING DEGREES!!

But, it's been nice to say that I earning my yellow belt in Marketing, and that I can apply it.

Nice to know I'm officially knowing what I am talking about when I unleash my lethal no SHADOW S.W.O.T ANALYSIS!

The good news is a staycation next week. Yeah... tons of work. Like, how much more cleaning do I need to do? Don't ask.

But it will be at home. With a certain woman you may know.

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It's Not The End of The World As We Know It, Still Feel Fine

Sorry don't know LJ wizardry to make the link work, but cut and paste. Like we did in 1995.

I know most folks know about this one by now, but felt io9 did such a good job of not only debunking, but sourcing and offering info, it was worth spreading.

And, and in other props for advancing science with a sense of humor:

Again, cut and paste.

You can do it.

Otherwise, I have several projects to slam through before my courseload is done. I'm confident about my Marketing Practices class, need to whip my contribution for a group project into shape, and should have time to finish up the Research project.
Uncle James

Give DSNY MONEY! that's what I want!

So one thing about my part of Brooklyn is just how frackin' many people live on top of each other. It's not quite aleays as obvious as it is in other parts of the city.. the relatively low buildings are one factor... but we got busloads of folks.

And sadly, they're not always tidy.

So while we are looking at all the things we can't not afford to go into civic default over, can I state just how grateful I am for for New York's Strongest? For the guys who do the basic maintenance of our civilization? The guys who cart away enough so our supers can (possibly,occasionally,under court order) flame throw the side walks?

Keep getting those protective tattoos, DSNY!
Keep reclaiming stuffed animals and turning them into truck totems, DSNY!

Just watch out for the stay cats on your rounds. Thanks.

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