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Post July 4th Forthwith

So I'm finally dropping another post... the night of from school is a delightful break, and I've got two more days off this week, and a week off near the end of the month to look forward to.

yes. I actually will use my gosh darn vacation time as quick as possible.

Stresses? Will, work stress (not having enough time to do it right), economic stress (who has enough cash? If you do, don't say so in a reply. Congrats, but don't wants to know.) school stress (want to actually earn some solid grades and feel full accomplishment) and well, that's the main stresses.

Supreme Court. Yeah that's a stress. Alito,Roberts,Scalia, and Thomas are really packing the damage in, and Kagan, while hardly the icon of judicial activism the GOP want's her to be, probably isn't the voice of sanity my crowd would want to balance them off.

Othrewise, goodly goodly.

I am safe in knowing I well not have my opinion of "Airbender" altered by the Shamylan 3Disaster soup.

I had the best seats in Brooklyn for the fireworks.

And now, I sleep.

Ramble on!
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May you get to Heaven 5 minutes before the developer shuts the door.

So I've lived in a pretty good chunk of the NYC metro area.

On my own, on my dime ( and then what would be rightly classified as 'our dimes'), I've lived in Jersey City(JC or Jesus Christ that was a big fucking rat) and later here in Flatbush, or as other's in the vicinity call it, Ditmas Park.

Or as the nice but not quite accurate realtor said "Park Slope South."

When I moved to JC, it was on the up and coming. As it had been for quite a long time. Like much of the post industrial Jersey side of the Hudson, it was looking at the Hoboken gentrification as a good thing.

Not quite as successful at it.

After moving into my very cramped jr. 1 bed room, I found a cycle. Everytime JC was about to bubble over... more people moving in, crazier and sketchier neighbors moving out, a new restaurant opening up, something really bad happened in the world to slow it down.


The assorted bubbles popping over the damn place after.

So when I finally left, aided by an absent career and several more absent pieces of personal technology that left with I believe a very drug addled uninvited gentleman, Jersey City was not quite the next godesend for the real estate trade it promised.

Still isn't, despite the fact that if you lived there, you would be home by now.

So I'm doing dishes, here in FlatbushDitmasParkSlopeSouth in a bit that while nice, has it's issues. And I'm hearing some shouting outside.

Nothing bad, just a touch raucous.

And I'm torn. I don't want to get priced out of this neighborhood anytime soon, especially since the next place I hope to live would probably be in it.

I don't want to see everyone get pushed out besides me. Yeah, some of the newer member of the very diverse neighbors in the building are least likely to keep me alert than certain long time community members.

But, having seen two JC bubbles burst in less than 4 years, I don't want to see this neighborhood slide back. Certainly not past where it was when I moved, for hell sure not to the level of stories some neighbors told me about.

Besides.. there are a fuckload of empty apartments in Manhattan and JC. Go to those first, people.
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So I just started my Marketing Certificate program. I don't know where it will take me, if anywhere, but since I talk so much damn marketing/adtalk without knowing exactly what I mean, may as well learn what I's been saying.

What is interesting is the architecture of the NYU Continuing Education center down on Cooper is almost identical in style, if not exact dimensions, to the Kaplan Building near W.57th. Was every not quite grad school in NY built by the same people on the same plans?

Beyond that, loving the 'new' season of Friday Night Lights. Any show that gets you psyched to face a day, knowing it may kick you black and blue and depressed but somehow glad to be alive, is a show worth watching. Little victories, and a little dignity.

Full hearts, clear eyes, can't lose.

More later,PEACE!


So I might have mentioned I'm a middle manager.

One thing about being a middle manager, is that you are rarely the comedic hero in movies, tv shows, novels, etc.

You're the dude ruining everyone's good time, the douche who works for the MAN and does his dirty work.

In fact, I make a regular joke to my people: that when they write the version of me in their treatments, their version of me actually be funny, not just think he is.

Odds are, I expect to be treated less than sympathetically.

For example, I have to enforce people being where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be. It's what they are getting paid for.

And that's when people who insist they are adults, act like fracking children.

I had two allegedly smart women give me a total of 20 excuses about why the rules shouldn't apply to them, why everything me and my own boss had been saying for weeks shouldn't count when inconvenient to them. Why just because other people weren't meeting their obligations, I was somehow the asshole for challenging them.

Folks, key to life. If a job is below you, don't fucking take it. If you agree to be take a companies dime, then you can't complain it's a crime.

And when you are a middle manger, no matter how much some some of the demands from top down suck, no matter how much you want to blame or claim the failiures of others make your job impossible, well, suck it up.

Go write that screen play were I'm a micromanaging douche. Guess what? In the better one I'll eventually write, you're lucky to be "SelfDeluded Lackey #3"
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The Grand Tour: STATS!

So I've picked up the Grand Tour of my CD Collection again, and hat a momentous moment.

I finished the D's.

Now, in fairness, I haven't LISTENED all the way through the D's. But I have burned, cataloged, realized/regretted I owned certain titles.

And now, the pointless stats.

Firstly, these are 425 CD's and Downloads in my collection. There may be one or two downloads/burns without physical CD's that I miss.

Forgive me, will you?

So, to begin.

Average Year in Collection So Far: 1997
Top 10 Years in Collection So Far:
1996 Count 38
1993 Count 33
1998 Count 29
1997 Count 24
1999 Count 21
1992 Count 20
1994 Count 20
1995 Count 20
2000 Count 20

Top 10 Artists in Collection So Far:
Billy Bragg 17* (14 excluding "The Mermaid Avenue" Cd's)
Belle And Sebastian 15
Bjork 12
The Cocteau Twins 12
Depeche Mode 10
Blur 8
Death Cab For Cutie 8
Boo Radleys 7
Tori Amos 6

Thoughts so far:
I was honestly a little surprised to see 1997 at the top average year, given my 80's roots. As the count continues, I think the 90's average will stick around. I'm not blowing quite as much money on CD's in the 21st century as I did in the late 20th.

Also, American artists are going to remain at a disadvantage in top 10 stats, since they haven't been as much into the CD single as UK artists tend to be. However, as we get deeper into the alphabet, we'll start seeing Label Compilations- like the UK/s Indie Hits or the US Ultra label, effect the count.

As curious as I would be, I resist the urge to catalog Soundtracks by their respective director. True, Cameron Crowe and Wes Anderson are masters of the meaningful soundtrack, but so few directors consistently match them as to make it a yet still more meaningless category.

Will there be any group with a serious impact on my collection I'm massively embarrassed about? Will I get around to tracking how many Scandinavian artists are rocking the Grand Tour? And will finish the grand tour before 2014?


Dogs & Heaven

So you know how your Mom sends you pics and powerpoints and files you really don't want to read?

Well, she scored with this one.

The mail these pics came in swears this was a real exchange. Maybe it's not,but I'm running with it.

Now, I haven't been a Catholic for a long time. I'm an Atheist, but I'm not a hatefilled ex-Catholic. I don't think religious faith is in itself a bad thing, just as humanistic beliefs are not in themselves good things. Nor do I think the entire belief system is wrong because of the gross failures of it's leadership for thousands of years.

Trust me... every form of belief system or movement has had genocidal maniacs, officials who abuse their position for sexual and monetary gain, and so on.

That being said, I did think the Catholic Church I was brought up in did get the right emphasis on love, salvation, and hope over damnation and despair. And the Priests on the Catholic side in this exchange got it right, for once.

Plus what would be heaven be without rocks for geologists, and dogs for everyone (including geologists?) I mean, the only reason to hate rocks is if they disprove your young Earth theology.

So go Team RC. You lose a gazillion points on women's rights, using the US immigration debate to increase your US laity, and the failure as an institution to address the sexual abuse of your parishoners.

But this priest won a couple points back for you in my book.


So that was interesting.

Anyway, the good news is I got raise at work.

Not a huge amount, but a raise.

Not as much as I feel as I deserve.

But in the light of the current economy, I'm not going to piss off people who take all of my work (good and bad) when I know other folks in my place of work aren't getting raises.

And what are the lessons folks?

Suck it up, tough it out. Unless your job is a complete suckfest, you can make it even less a suckfest than it currently is.

Have some faith in some basic rightness and yourself, padewans. Tomorrow may smack you hard about the rear and forget the safeword, but today can be a bit better.

And, oh, yeah.



Thank you, good night, and make sure to get enough protein and vitamin D.
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Dragon ADHD

So I've paid my taxes today. I'm glad to. I don't like some of the stuff the money is going towards,

Stop getting in yo damned crypto-facist militia's and let's get back to nation building.

Anyhow, I finished Dragon Age:Origins the second time. On a day off that involved puttering, taxation, and rest, a huge dose of gaming was in order.

Rather than go onto Dragon Age:Awakenings, rather than work on the new version of the first character I played in the game, I decided to go back and play through all the different origins. Hardly the most innovative idea, but hey, why not?

What was interesting was how you really do see the main story from different angles.. certain characters you barely notice in one playthrough become more important in another. Places mysteriously empty in one game or wide open in the next.

Or, characters who are friends in playthrough are victims in the next.

Don't get me wrong: DA stands on the shoulders of Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls, and many other games (some of them being written by the same creators), but it really does take a nice jump in storytelling.

Honestly, not having spending enough time creating realities of my own, taking time to game, or read up on comics ( if not really buying any, thanks NEWSARAMA,WIKIPEDIA) and just watch these universes grow, the creators interact, is half the fun.

Oh, and liked the finale of Ugly Betty. It wasn't my show until I ended up with someone who loved it, but it was satisfying and just vague enough.

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"Skins" Reviewed

So after much hype, I watched "Skins" on Netflix streaming video.

Love that, by the way. Makes my decision to buy a PS3 so much more grown up.

Who knows how long until the interview hits Netflix, but to you, my bretheren, -

'So I heard all the hype about the show, and could barely make it through the first episode.

Dumb kids doing drugs, trying to shag or get shagged, doing dumb things to other dumber richer kids, and oh, yeah....

All the adults are idiots who want to kill or shag the lead. Who even for the English, is not that beautiful a boy.

"Trainspotting Babies" just isn't worth watch.'

An afterhought- I;ve seen a sampling of the English counterculture product- "London Kills Me", "The Acid House", "Dead Babies", ("Mood Trippers" here in the States), "The 51st State" ("Formula 51" here in the States), and a lot of it is just not that appealing. Oh, we're all so dead, and decrepit and life is awful and all so high on drugs.

Formula 51 and Trainspotting stood out. They had a vitality and a point the others just didn't have.

Sorry, "Skins" fans. I'm not saying I'm tired of alienated drugged out youth, just need something more interesting than this.