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Dad Talks Firepower

So I'm at the family abode, looking over my Dad's shoulder.

At a lovely thing.

My father has used PC's for years, and recently came to the conclusion he wanted to switch. I did my best to be impartial while we were looking, but he made the decision, and I ran with it. We went to the Apple Store in White Plains, got a nicely souped up iMac, and started on the process.

By the way, thanks to the dude at Microsoft who recommended LittleMachines O2M program for carting Outlook files from PC over to Mac. It's looking like it'll do the job just fine.

Today, my father sat down in front of his new machine, tolerated  my blurts of how much his new iMac loved him, and started playing with it. We talked about basic computer terms, since my Dad actually wants to understand this crazy thing. I started using automotive terms, equating RAM with parts of the engine, and hard drive as something like a combined trunk/gas tank.

Then he held up his hand.

"Wait a second. Let's look at this if it was a weapon. The hard drive is like  the ammunition clip, say it can hold up to 60-70 rounds."

I nodded, grinning.

"Now if it's a machine gun, with a rate of fire of 10 rounds a second, RAM is what allows it  to fire that fast."

 I beamed.

I'm sure true techies will clutch their heads over the inaccuracy, but this was a brilliant leap. After years of me trying to explain the computer one way, my dad found his own  metaphor which works better, and is way cooler. Sometimes you have to let go of your frame of reference, and slide into someone else's to really move understanding forward.

Oh, and before you wonder, Dad was in the army in the 50's. Basic Infantry training, and all that.

No bank robbing.


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